Amb. Dion Osagie CEO of A Godsent Foundation

Known by all and sundry as “Di Godsent” Amb. Dion Osagie is a very popular philanthropist and humanitarian. The 38 year old man who is an Edo indigene is famous for being the Founder of a Benin based NGO – A Godsent Foundation – which has offered financial, health, and educational assistance to many Nigerians over the years. He has been at the forefront of humanitarian work in Nigeria in the last decade. But his work has also been a subject of some controversies as some persons have labeled his charity organization as a scam.


Thus when he was invited as a guest to the popular Sandra Talk Show, many people were happy. Because it afforded them the opportunity to hear Dion’s side of the story and also learn about his life history and how he began his charity work.

Sandra Talk Show with Sandra Idubor

The show was hosted on the 28th of November, 2020 by the ever beautiful Nigerian-Canadian Celebrity, Sandra Idubor on YouTube and Facebook with hundreds of audience tuning in live. Here is what transpired in the show:

Sandra: (Smiling) Welcome to my talk show, Dion. Thank you for gracing this show with your presence.

Dion: (Flashes teeth) I’m also pleased to be invited to the No. 1 Talk show in the whole universe. I’m always available for good people like you.

Sandra: Thanks for the compliment. To start the interview proper, I would like to ask: Who is Dion Osagie? Tell us who you are. Because some people watching might not know you even though they have heard your name before.

Dion: In my own words, Dion Osagie is Godsent. Someone that was sent to the world to show love to others. To provide shelter for those without homes. To feed those who are hungry. To make the world a better place. I’m not someone who practices evil, rather I show love to those around me.

Sandra: Wow! Very lovely bio. My next question goes thus: how did Godsent foundation start?

Dion: Hmm….The whole idea of the foundation has been in my head since I was a teenage boy, whilst still living in Nigeria. Growing up whenever my father returned home from his business trips, he always brought gifts (toys and the likes) for me. I didn’t like keeping those gifts for myself alone and always shared them with the other kids in the neighbourhood. Kids who didn’t have access to the good things of life I had.

While I was studying and working in the United States of America, I always prayed to God to bless me so that I could bless others – my people. Because I was aware that I needed to have money to be able to do Charity work. In order to raise money for my foundation, I worked as a cab driver on weekends instead of partying like my friends did. Doing this, I was able to save up the money over the years. To the glory of God, my foundation started fully in 2011.

Sandra: (Smiles) That’s a very interesting and inspiring story you have there. The viewers are already buzzing with questions in the comment section. So I will be reading out some of their questions for you to answer.

Dion: It’s fine you can read them out. I’m here for them.

Sandra: Please tell us more about yourself, where you are from and about your family.

Dion: Okay…let me give you a brief history of myself. I was born in Edo State, Benin city precisely. I’m from Uhunmwonde L.G.A. My grandfather built the first school in the local government. He had 7 wives and 49 children, of which my father is the 48th child. My father was among the first set of Edo persons to travel to Europe for their university education in 1970. He studied at the University of Rome, Italy. My father was an architect.

I was born in February, 1982. I lived my early years in Nigeria before moving to America to study when I was 17. While studying for my degree, I also worked on the side. I bought my first house in America when I was 23. From that time, I began investing in Real Estate. Thereafter I decided to diversify to healthcare, founding a health care agency with two ladies from Southwest Nigeria. The name of the agency is called Loving Grace Healthcare. I also made some investments in the transportation sector.

I am the oldest of five children. I have two brothers and two sisters, one nephew and a niece and they all live in America. My mother also lives in the states. My father is dead, the same as my grandparents.

An Interview With Amb. Dion Osagie, CEO of A Godsent Foundation

Sandra: What’s your favourite song?

Dion: My favourite song is titled, “My Helper o….My Helper…”

Sandra: How do you get money to run your charity work?

Dion: To start with, my foundation was registered in the United States in 2011. A large part of the funding for the foundation’s programmes comes from my pocket. That is my personal funds. While the rest comes from partners who have chosen to support the vision.

Sandra: Why are you fighting with Albert Obazee?

Dion: Far from it. I’m not fighting with Albert Obazee. I am just reminding him of all the things he did.

Sandra: Why do you brag and disrespect others?

Dion: (Chuckles) That’s the issue. People think I brag but I don’t. They misinterpret my being confident for bragging. Whenever I laud my achievements online, I’m not doing it to brag. I’m doing it to market myself. That is my brand. To let people see the good work I’m doing with my foundation.

Who knows someone who is in a position to help might see it and decide to partner with my foundation and push the vision forward. So to clear the air. I don’t brag. I’m just being confident. It’s all part of my marketing strategy.

Also, I don’t disrespect people. They say that respect is reciprocal. So if you respect me, I will also respect you. But if you disrespect me, I will do you the same. It is as simple as that. I’m not a disrespectful person.

Sandra: You boasted that if Obaseki wins the election you will leave Benin for Lagos and which you really did, Why is this?

Dion: I didn’t feel safe in the city anymore, which is why I left for Lagos. I was faced with risk to my life. Though most people don’t know this, I have CCTV cameras planted round my house and even around my neighbourhood and it’s connected to my phone. So many times, I would see people pointing at my house as they drove or rode past.

Thus, when Obaseki won, I knew it wasn’t safe for me to keep staying in Benin so I moved to Lagos. Because we leave in a state with a very weakened security. So if anything was to happen to me, nothing will be done about it. It is better to be a coward and be safe.

Sandra: Why are most Edos who live or have lived in America rude?

Dion: This isn’t true. It isn’t about being rude rather it’s about cultural difference. People who live in Nigeria don’t understand the American lifestyle. Their ways of life are different from the Nigerian system. And the way they see life is quite different. So some Nigerians misinterpret this for rudeness.

Sandra: Why did you leave AAC?

Dion: I didn’t leave AAC. (Smiles) In fact I belong to all the political parties. I’m always in support of the party that will favour the populace. So I might decide to pitch my tent with the PDP tomorrow, if I see they will work for the progress of Edo State people.

Sandra: What thing would you like to change about your life?

Dion: To be honest, the answer is Nothing. I’m happy with the way I am. Though I’m not the most successful personal in the world, I’m not hungry and can meet my basic needs. I thank God for this. Moreover I see myself as the most handsome man in the world. So I’m contented with the way my life has turned out so far.

Sandra: What’s the update about your free school programme? Are you still adding secondary school to the initiative next year?

Dion: Yes, the plan is still on..By next year we are going to be giving out free secondary education for pupils. At the moment we are running a free primary school..The first of its kind in Edo State. We also plan to start a free Adult School next year, where illiterate adults can be educated during the weekends.

Sandra: Thank you so much for your time, Amb. Dion. It has really been an interesting time with you.

Dion: I appreciate you for having me. Please continue to keep on the good work. I’m a big fan of your show and work.. Keep it up.

Sandra: Thanks for the compliment. It means a lot. See you some other time. Bye…

Dion: Yeah…Bye Sandra and to all the viewers. Thanks for tuning in guys.



  • May 22, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    Dion Osagie, Ceo Of A Godsent Foundation is a scam and a heartless man who lies to women and sleeps with them.

    He doesn’t only scam from poor women he scams big organizations too all in the name of help.


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