Marris Iyamu

Whenever the name Marris Iyamu is mentioned, it would surely ring a bell in the ears of all Nollywood lovers. The beautiful lady is one of the industry’s fast rising acts. Asides acting, Marris Iyamu is also a movie producer, script writer and presenter with a growing fan base.


She was recently invited as a guest to the popular and entertaining Sandra Talk Show on the 29th Of November, 2020. The show was hosted by Nigerian-Canadian Celebrity, Sandra Idubor who asked the actress questions about her life and career and also moderated on the questions her fans have been meaning to ask. The show was aired live on YouTube and Facebook.

Sandra Talk Show with Sandra Idubor

Read Below what transpired at the show:

Sandra: (Thick Smile) Hello Marris, How are you doing?

Marris: Good evening Sandra… I’m doing great. You are looking lovely this evening.

Sandra: (Short laughter) Thank you dear for the compliment. You are also looking good too. I’m happy to see you on this show.

Marris: (Smiles) I’m glad to be here too.

Sandra: So…to my first question. Who is Marris Iyamu? Let the people know who you are.

Marris: I’m an actress based in Benin City, Nigeria.

Sandra: Okay…but asides acting, is there any other thing you do?

Marris: Yeah…I’m an entrepreneur. I run my own business enterprise.

Sandra: What kind of business if I might ask?

Marris: I’m into fashion business. I have a boutique where I sell clothes.

Sandra: Seriously? I never knew this. You should advertise more so that people (your fans) will patronize from you. So I would like to ask, “When did you join the movie industry?”

Marris: It’s been six years now. I joined the industry in 2014.

Sandra: Okay…What prompted you to join the industry. Or let me rephrase it this way: Why did you join the industry?

Marris: Growing up as a child, I admired two professions. The first was Acting while the other one was Law. I had planned to study Law at the university but that didn’t work out and I ended up studying a different course in the university. While at the university, I had made up my mind to pursue acting because I had a passion for the profession. I had always wanted to be a celebrity.

One of my inspirations in the movie industry is movie icon, Eucharia Anunobi. She is a very good actress and knows how to interpret her roles well. Whenever I watch her movies, I’m always inspired and have a thing or two to learn.

Sandra: How many movies have you produced so far?

Marris: Hmm… without exaggerating, I have produced eight movies. I just started producing though.

Sandra: Wow! That’s a lot for someone who is just starting out. So..Which movie brought you to limelight?

Marris: I can’t really say because I featured in many movies at the time that put me in the limelight. But my first move is Otila. I acted about five scenes. But I think I will give it to the movie Efogbua.

Sandra: Are you Married?

Marris: I am not married. I’m still single and searching and ready to mingle (laughs).

Sandra: How old are you?

Marris: (Smiles) Hmm… should I answer that? I’m sorry I won’t. I will prefer to keep my fans in suspense..I don’t want to say my age now because some persons might feel I’m too young while some might think I’m too old.

Sandra: Who are you currently dating?

Marris: (Chuckles) even if I were to mention a name now, you wouldn’t know the person. Who am dating isn’t a popular person? So there is no way you would know him.

An Interview with Marris Iyamu

Sandra: Which University did you study at?Marris: University of Benin (Uniben). I studied Public Administration.

Sandra: Are you in a relationship? This question is more straight forward. You should be able to give the viewers an answer

Marris: Yes, I am in a relationship. E get who no get boyfriend (smiles). But I’m not in a serious relationship yet. My definition of a serious relationship is courtship where the partners are already planning on getting married.

Sandra: Who is your role model?

Marris: I have mentioned her name earlier. Eucharia Anunobi. I admire her a lot.

Sandra: Who is your best friend?

Marris: My best friend happens to be my immediate elder sister. I love her like mad. She is my everything. She is that person I can’t hide anything from. She is a very good adviser and is like a mother to me. While in the industry, my best friend is Ebony Obasuyi.

Sandra: What are you likes and dislikes?

Marris: Generally, I hate lies. A lot. Because it pisses me off. I hate oppression. While I love truth and a lot of other good attributes of life.

Sandra: What’s your best food?

Marris: White Rice and Stew. I love it a lot.

Sandra: Do you have a child out of wedlock?

Marris: No I don’t. I haven’t given birth before.

Sandra: When was the last time you had sex?

Marris: (laughs) I can’t remember o…..

Sandra: How many people have you kissed?

Marris: Uncountable….I can’t even remember the exact amount. I have kissed a lot of persons due to my acting profession.

Sandra: Have you ever had issues with anybody in the industry?

Marris: Yes I have. I see it as something that’s expected to happen. Because as humans we tend to have differences on certain issues.

Sandra: How many people have you had sex with in the movie industry?

Marris: I have never dated anyone in the industry. Neither have I had sex with any of my male colleagues.

Sandra: If you were to marry any single actor in the Benin Movie Industry, who would it be?

Marris: Hmm….If I were to choose from any of the actors to get married, it wouldn’t be a single actor. My choice would be Sylvester Uwadiae. I like him a lot.

Sandra: How has the journey been so far in your career?

Marris: It has been smooth and at the same time tough. You know life has its ups and downs moments. The same thing applies in the movie industry. I have experienced my fair share of challenges. But for me the entire journey has been okay, if not perfect.

Sandra: Do you like sex?

Marris: Na wa o…E get who no like sex (Smiles) It’s a sweet experience na. Yes I do.

Sandra: What is your favourite colour?

Marris: Red is my favourite. I guess it’s because I love “Love”

Sandra: Are you giving this interview from a hotel room?

Marris: No I am not. I’m in my house. My bedroom, precisely.

Sandra: What is your ultimate goal in life?

Marris: Hmm….I can’t say for now.

Sandra: Producing your movies, how was it like? I mean the experience.

Marris: Okay….It was hectic but fun at the same time because I’m already used to the stress of movie sets.

Marris Iyamu Nollywood Actor, Producer and Scriptwriter

Sandra: Have you tried moving from Benin Industry to Lagos and beyond?

Marris: No I haven’t..Though I have travelled to other cities like Asaba, Onitsha and Lagos to shoot movies, I don’t plan on relocating to any of them. I’m content with pursuing my career in the Benin Industry.

Sandra: How is Nigeria treating you?

Marris: Although the standard of living is high, I bless God for everything. I am doing quite okay. Nigeria is treating me well.

Sandra: Tell us about your latest project

Marris: Yes I have a new movie titled “Wrong Feelings”. It will be released tonight on my YouTube channel – Marris Iyamu TV. The movie is about Saying No To Lesbianism. The movie preaches against it.

Sandra: Lovely! Kudos to you. I love the movie’s message. Finally, I would like to ask: what advice do you have for the upcoming artists? Those who aspire to be like you.

Marris: They should keep pushing and shouldn’t give up. They should understand that the beginning of any venture is always tough. So they shouldn’t quit and should keep working hard to succeed. Above all they should put God first. Next to that, they should imbibe the spirit of humility.

Sandra: Thank you so much coming to the show. And for giving us your positive vibes.

Marris: I’m more than pleased that you could have me tonight. Thanks to all the viewers for tuning in. God bless you all. Goodnight.


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